Anti Inflammation Juice

The shot that I stock up weekly in my fridge!

Compared to the other Ginger shot recipe, this one feels more mild. I think it’s suitable for those who are more sensitive to tastes in this world of juicing.


1 bunch (organic) celery
1 large (organic) parsley
1 apple or pear


Option 1:
1. Blend all these ingredients in a blender.
2. Put it through a fine mesh sieve to get all the juice in without the pulp

Option 2: (I use this method)
1. I put all these ingredients into my juicer that will cold press the ingredients and sieve it at the same time

Once you’ve obtained the juice, there are 2 options of storage.

Option 1:
Funnel the juice into 100 ml bottles and store it in the refrigerator to consume every morning. This method has limited shelf life. I notice that the juice’s colour and properties start to change on the 4th day in the fridge. So this is best consumed fresh, and up to 3-5days later if kept in an air tight container in a cold fridge.

Option 2: (I prefer this)
Put the juice into an ice cube tray and freeze them. Every morning, take 5 cubes and mix it with warm water for consumption

I usually get comments and DMs on my Instagram account about the proportions of each ingredient. All the ingredients have their benefits, so the difference in proportions would just mean a difference in taste. So if this is your first time, just go ahead and try it.

Once you’ve had your first batch, trust me, you’ll know which ingredient you want more or less of.

I will attached videos here should I decide to make them in the future. 🙂


Beef Bolognese. This is one of Muadz’s most requested meals.

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