Stamford Catering’s Hari Raya Menu will accompany my first day of Raya!


For the first time in many years, I am more nervous about Raya than other years. Not only that this is the year that everything feels like life has gone back to the pre-covid days, (what is safe distancing?), this is the year that my parents have requested that my home be the place that everyone in my family gathers on the first day.

Quite honestly, I think that that’s a brilliant request by my parents! Hosting guests at my home means that my parents won’t need to deal with the preparation, and cleaning in their own home. (Anything for the ease and comfort for my parentals ❤️) And I get to see everyone on the first day! Yay!

This is the Hari Raya Menu by Stamford Catering, 9 Dishes in total.

From top left in clockwise direction, in the black trays we have: Kampung Nasi Goreng with Ikan Bilis, Fish Fillet with Assam Paste, Tom Yum Prawns, Samosa, Sambal Sotong, Tahu Goreng, Beef Rendang.

The 2 tubs on the left is Sayur Lodeh and Chef’s Special Cendol.

You can order this menu in 3 different formats:
(1) Party Set for 8-10pax @ $270+* per set (This is the one I’m sharing in this article)
(2) Mini Feast for min 15 pax @ $27+* per pax
(3) Full Buffet with Set-Up for min 30 pax @ $25+* per pax – This comes with Bandung!

I know what’s going on in your minds, how can I not, fellow Malay foodie. Where’s the Ketupat? the Lontong? the Serunding?

Yes, I do wish these were included in this Hari Raya Menu also! But for now, I think it’s okay that it’s not, my family will manage the other dishes that are equally needed to many our Raya spread complete. After all, Raya preps has always been a family affair.

For instance, since Stamford will be cooking the Sayur lodeh for me, I will be making my mom’s signature Sambal Udang to accompany this Sayur Lodeh. Dad will be coming over to spend time with Muadz and a bunch of Janur (coconut leaves) so that we can weave it, fill it and make ketupat to eat this Sayur Lodeh with it.

I already know which is my favourite Serunding brand that I will buy, and as for the lontong, I can get it on my final grocery run at Geylang Serai Market. Nowadays, even NTUC Sells it!

I’m just so grateful that I don’t have to stand in front of the stove at Raya morning or night before to cook the Lodeh, and risk it not done right with my dismal cooking skills. Haha!

Of all the dishes in this spread, the Beef Rendang really stood out to me – mainly because this is the kind of rendang that my mom cooks. You can see that this rendang is more red than it is the deep dark brown of Rendang Padang. Perhaps, this is a different rendition of rendang from a different part of Nusantara, or perhaps this is the Boyan version of rendang – since my mom’s Boyan and she cooks it this way.

It is spicy, and cooked with generous chunks of meat. The pecah minyak is also done so right. #ravingreviews.

The second dish that stood out was the Sambal Sotong – this one is has a good spice rating of 3.5/5. I’m very much used to thick intense dark red sambal as traditional food on first day of Hari Raya, but this one is a welcome change too! #ravingreviews. So sedap.

Let me start by saying that this Cendol may look unassuming, but oh my god it is #ravingreviews, and I highly recommend it! I LOVE a good dessert when I visit other people’s houses, so I would like to have it at my house for first day of Raya too! But to make this one myself…. uhh.. it’s too much work. Haha! So I’m so glad I’ve confirmed for Stamford Catering to help me out and do most of the heavy lifting. Hehe!

With 80% of all the food prepared by Stamford Catering, I am now less stressed and I will be able to focus on making my Grandma’s Rawon in the morning of Raya – just ONE traditional dish for my entire extended family, and I hope to do it right. In the past years, mom has ordered Rawon from other catering companies too, but it has never met the mark of my Grandma’s Recipe, so this would be a good year to try.

If you want to see how that turns out, check my Instagram at @halalfoodhunt to find out!

If you would like to watch me eat this, click here:

This article is made possible through sponsored catering from Stamford Catering.
Stamford Catering is a Halal Certified Caterer
To order Stamford Catering’s Hari Raya Menu, click here:


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