Product Review: SHARP Plasmacluster Humidifying Air Purifier (KI-N40)


If you live on the lower floor of resale houses (not the BTO ones) where the chute to the big dustbin is inside your home, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Whenever the fumigation happens, the smoke actually comes out of the chute! I was so shocked the first time it happened.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll know that I’ve just welcome the new edition of the SHARP Air Purifier KI-N40 in my home! I’ve been using this for about 4 months and getting more pro on its use this day by day! If you don’t know what an Air Purifier does for you, then this article will do its best to show you.

  1. Cleans the air: The SHARP Air Purifier releases high-density plasma cluster ions with strong airflow and collects dust.
  2. Double deodorising filter: The SHARP Air Purifier doesn’t only clean the air with the plasmacluster ion that it emits; it also reduces bacteria and airborne viruses (you know that currently Covid is reappearing!) because of its pre-filter, electrostatic HEPA filter, and double deodorizing filter.
  3. Humidifying: The SHARP Air Purifier also includes a humidifying function that helps me keep the humidity in my home at a comfortable level (it is also my “additional skincare tools”, as their humidifier keeps my skin from drying out! haha)

How do I prefer to use it ?

I have a certain preference when using this air purifier. Do these, and then you’ll understand the comfort provided by this device!

[1] Bring the SHARP Air Purifier to the room that has a bad odor and dust, and the device cleans the air and absorbs the dust.

[2] SHARP Air Purifier will accompany me during my sleeping time; now is the best time to place the device near your bed so you may have a better sleep experience during the night.

[3] Also, use the SHARP Air Purifier to freshen up a stuffy room.

[4] This is an “underrated” way to use the SHARP Air Purifier, but I use it outside my toilet whenever someone’s done using it so the smell doesn’t just swirl in there.

A good hack for SHARP Air Purifier users that have little boy or girl that likes to press buttons, is the child lock feature. The SHARP Air Purifier KI-N40 is also equipped with a child lock feature that will keep your child safe from changing its settings when in use. This is such a great help and might convince you to add it as a part of your home devices.

So, Is it something I would recommend? YES. I got so much help from this device, and I no longer had to worry about dealing with nasty smoke and odour. For more visuals of my review on this Air Purifier, check out my video below!

That’s all I have for you about the SHARP Plasmacluster Humidifying Air Purifier. Thank you, SHARP!

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