Product Review: Ninja Air Fryer Max AF160

If you have been following me on Instagram (@halalfoodhunt), you would have seen me testing out three Ninja gadgets these past few weeks. And I must say, I have been having more fun in the kitchen preparing food now than ever before. So here’s my review on one of the gadgets. More to come so check back here on the blog where I’ll post about the Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 Multi Cooker OP300* as well as the Ninja Foodi Airgrill AG301. I’ve answered the top three questions that I often receive from you guys: 1) Is it easy to use? 2) Is it worth the counter space? 3) Is it worth the price?

Information published here is accurate at the time of publishing, and may change in the future.

If you have been following me on Instagram (@halalfoodhunt), you would have seen me testing out three Ninja gadgets these past few weeks. And I must say, I have been having more fun in the kitchen preparing food now than ever before. So here’s my review on one of the gadgets. More to come so check back here on the blog where I’ll post about the Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 Multi Cooker OP300* as well as the Ninja Foodi Airgrill AG301.

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Alright then. Let’s look at all the things I’ve made using the Air Fryer Max:

(1) Roasted chicken

(2) Air fried sweet potato fries

(3) Roasted corn (my favourite)

(4) Made a salmon dinner for two

(5) Baked a pavlova

(6) Baked a personalised sized cake. I love!


For the purpose of this series of product reviews, I have tried all 3, and the Air Fryer Max comes up as the gadget that I used the most out of all the three in my kitchen because:

(1) It is pretty versatile

(2) There is no pre-heat waiting time, unlike the Airgrill; and

(3) It is light and easier to handle, compared to the Ninja Foodi

*I will be referring to the Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 Multi Cooker as simply “Ninja Foodi” so please don’t get confused!

1. Is the Air Fryer Max easy to use?


(1) The buttons are straight forward with the functions.

(2) Temperatures and timings are adjustable.

(3) I love the digital screens, especially when it comes to the timer. My previous air fryer came with that knob timer thing that you have to turn around according to the duration that you want. It broke just after a few weeks of use! So this digital screen with the button control is so much better!

(4) The Air Fryer Max does not make a lot of noise. Even the alarm is gentle, so if you have a baby at home, s/he will sleep through your use of the Air Fryer Max.

However, here’ are some points to note about it too:

(1) The working space in the Air Fryer Max is smaller than the Airgrill. So expect the cooking  ‘shiokness’ to be relatively less.

(2) The Air Fryer Max cannot do as much as the Ninja Foodi (shocker!), so if your day-to-day meals involves more than just baking, reheating, air frying and roasting, this might not be the gadget for you.

(3) Since our audience is mostly culturally Malay, I think it is worth pointing out that in malay cooking, there is typically a lot of sautee-ing to be done and this is not something we can do with the Air Fryer Max.


2. is the Air Fryer Max worth the counter space?


But let’s get this straight: if I only had space for 1 gadget and have to choose between Air Fryer Max and Ninja Foodi, I will choose the Foodi. But that’s me – a busy mom to a toddler, with a husband who loves home cooked Malay food that I make.

(1) But if I don’t really spend that much time cooking and already have a separate rice cooker, then yes definitely I will take Air Fryer Max. For a gadget that is small, quick and fuss-free, the Air Fryer Max really does pack a punch when it comes to usage – especially for families with teenage kids. It’s something that is really safe way for kids to prepare wholesome meals, without all the mess.

(2) It’s worth the counter space if you want your kids to prepare food for themselves so that you can have that extra 5 minutes to yourself. I promise you, among all 3 gadgets, you will use Air Fryer Max most often. And that speaks volumes about whether it is worthy of your counter space. The last thing you want is something taking up counter space that you don’t use.

Let’s be honest, even though the Ninja Foodi can do what the Air Fryer Max can’t, just the sheer size of it, with 2 lids and the number of buttons it has, can make the Ninja Foodi a scary machine for the ‘non-kitchen’ people to operate – So, the Ninja Air Fryer Max would be the better option for ‘non-kitchen’ people.


3. How does the air fryer max compare to my previous air fryer?

I shall not name the brand of my previous Air Fryer, but needless to say, I got rid of it the moment Ninja arrived at my home! There were 2 things that really bugged me about my previous Air Fryer

(1) The Knob control for both the temperature and time. The timer knob broke just after a few weeks of using it. So the new button control on the Air Fryer Max is definitely a welcome change!

(2) That all it could do was Air Fry! – To be honest, when the Air Fryer Max first came and claimed that it could do 6 things, rather than just 1, I thought “You kidding me right? Every function just corresponds to a different temperature, and you call it a totally different function?” But, well, try out every function for yourself and you’ll see that they are different. I was totally mindblown when I could bake a cake in this!

(3) The handle. My previous Air Fryer, had a catch on the handle. So pulling out the circular compartment was never a smooth affair. The jerk and the catch will always make the food inside it be accidentally ‘tossed’ as I pull out that compartment (I guess only owners of such Air Fryers will know what I’m talking about). This limits the number of things I could do with it. I’m so glad that the Air Fryer Max gave me an upgrade on this. The pulling out and pushing the circular compartment back in is now a smooth affair – so really, you don’t have to worry about that cake/pavlova or any fragile baked items that you want to bake in it.

4. Who is the ninja air fryer max really for?

Moms that cook daily for your family, I want to be clear, the NINJA Air Fryer Max is not for you. You will feel far more satisfied with the Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker – haha! This Air Fryer Max is for the following people:

(1) The “I don’t really cook” folks.

This Ninja Air Fryer Max is for you if you’re the kind that doesn’t really cook everyday. Once in awhile you like to make healthy meals, like chicken or salmon, for yourself and your family (and you have a small family) then this one is for you. If your family is slightly bigger, then you might want to look at the Ninja Air Grill.

(2) The “I want a quick snack” folks

If you’re the kind that always has freeze-to-fry things in your fridge, or you’re the kind that always has cake premixes in your kitchen, then you might want to consider this. You can bake a cake (for 2 or 3), roast your pre-marinated chicken, or your corn on cob really quickly, and they all taste great!

PS. If you’re like me that likes to buy fresh breads from the bakery, cut it in half, and keep the rest in your fridge for the next day, then the Air fryer max is perfect for reheating your breads. It will turn out crispy on the outside and super soft on the inside after 5 minutes in the Air Fryer Max on ‘bake’ or ‘reheat’

(3) The moms with kids (aged 6 and above)

Yes, moms. If you have space in the kitchen, you should have the Air Fryer Max and then teach your kids how to whip up quick meals for themselves. I think the Air Fryer Max is a safe enough gadget for this (compared to the Air Grill and Foodi) and on top of that you get that extra time to yourself!

5. Is the Air Fryer Max worth the price?

And of course, we have to question this: is it worth its price tag?

At $399, I will think twice about getting this. This is especially when this price tag is not so far away from its sleek sister – the Ninja Air Grill. So this is definitely one of those gadgets that I will eye, add to cart, and wait for the Great Singapore Sale before I purchase it.

But, with the discount code “HFHMAX,’ and being able to purchase it at $249… Well then it becomes a no-brainer. At under $250, the Ninja Air Fryer Max lets me prepare more hassle-free food at home, and that means saving money from ordering in. Worth it.

And if you’re still having second thoughts, how about an additional price reduction of below two hundred bucks? That’s right – use this promo code (HFHMAX50) on our affiliated link to get your very own, brand new Ninja Air Fryer Max for just $194! This is super special discount thats only valid until 31 July 2021 (that’s only a week away!). That’s almost a 55% discount – more than half price!

If you’ve always been eyeing for an air fryer, why settle for anything less than the Ninja Air Fryer Max? Especially with this amazing price as well? Especially now we’re in another Phase 2 (HA) and can’t dine out, having an air fryer helps ease some of the cooking chores. For mommies whose kids are always hungry, the Ninja Air Fryer Max can help cut your cooking time so you won’t have cranky kids all day haha!


That’s all I have for you about the Air Fryer Max. Further reviews on the other two gadgets (the Airgrill and the Ninja Foodi) will be up in the coming weeks. P.S. You might want to look out for some videos where you’ll see me using these gadgets in action so you know I’ve really used them thoroughly.

As always, these reviews are my own honest opinions. They are not approved or vented by anyone, not even Ninja Kitchen themselves. Purchasing the gadgets via our affiliated link does earn Halalfoodhunt a commission so if you love these types of content and want to support us, we’ll greatly appreciate it.

Alright, so that’s one down, 2 more product reviews to go!

See you in the next post!


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