Teh Tarik Recipe – the way I make it



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I change my Teh Tarik Recipe depending on my mood and what I need it for at that precise timing. When I make teh tarik to accompany me to work, I will make it such that the teh flavour is way stronger. It would be brewed for about 2 minutes longer, and I will use considerably less condense milk so that it is less sweet. This version of Teh Tarik makes me wake up and get my brain juicing working for the day.

When I make Teh Tarik for the purpose of relaxation, enjoyment, to entertain guest (or myself), I will make it the way this recipe says below.

This recipe serves 3 glasses of teh tarik. Double the ingredients (with same instructions) if you want more.

Ingredients / Preparations

(1) 2 heap tbsp tea dust
(2) 500ml Water
(3) 60g evaporated milk
(4) 80g sweetened condensed milk
*Optional: Add pandan at the teh brewing stage for the extra shiokness

Regular Instructions

(1) Boil 550ml water
(2) Add 2 heap tbsp of tea dust to boiled water
(3) Allow it to steep for 1hr (or overnight)
(4) Use a fine-mesh sieve to remove the tea dust
(5) Add Add 60g evaporated milk and 80g sweetened condensend milk.
(6) Mix well and serve it

Thermomix Instructions:

(1) Add 2 heap tablespoons of black tea dust to Thermomix Bowl
(2) Add 500 ml water
(3) Heat 9 min/100°C/sp/speed 1.
(4) Use a fine-mesh sieve to remove the tea dust
(5) Rinse the bowl
(6) Place the brewed tea back into the Thermomix bowl
(7) Add 60g evaporated milk
(8) Add 80g sweetened condensend milk
(9) Blend 10 sec/speed 8
(10) Serve Hot.


      Disclaimer: I am not a chef nor a good cook, but I still have to make food for my family. Therefore, I make this blog first and foremost for my own use and decided to share it with everyone. It contains food that my family loves to eat, or have requested that I make again. You may find that recipes are adapted to fit the ingredients I can find in my local supermarket or adapted to make it simpler because as a working mom, I simply don’t have time for long and complicated recipes.

      Kindly note that I have no interest in producing the ‘best’ recipes nor the most ‘culturally accurate’ food. Just simple food that my family loves to eat.

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